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Non-Conference Recap: Our analysis of how UofL has performed, compared to what their opponents have been allowing

Eastern Michigan and Kennesaw State recaps

Michigan State and Grand Canyon recaps

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The Impact of Losing Chris Jones

Why UofL Should Consider Platooning

Playing Your Best Against the Best

Replacing UofL’s Irreplaceable Players


UK Performance vs Starters and Bench Players

Maybe Nobody is Irreplaceable for UK

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UofL vs UK – 2014/15 Preview

I’ll be posting lots of preview information about the 2014/15 edition of The Game between UofL and UK this week. Check out our section “The Game” for more info, or follow the links below…

UofL and UK Scouting Reports

UK Player Report (Andrew Harrison vs Tyler Ulis, UK’s 3 guard lineup potential)

UofL Player Report (Jones/Rozier analysis, UofL’s 3 headed monster at center)

Keys to the Game and Prediction



How do UofL and UK outscore teams?

Kentucky and Louisville both had pretty darn good years in 2013-14. Kentucky played for the national title, and Louisville outscored teams by 20 points per game on average on their way to a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament, and a #1 rating at KenPom.com. Both teams outscored their opponents on average, but they did so using distinctly different playing styles.

Nearly every TV broadcast of a college basketball game starts with the announcers unveiling their wisdom in the form of “keys to the game”. These usually take the form of clichés like “take care of the ball”, “win the free throw battle”, and “get hot from 3”. I want to find out the truth…what were the keys to the game for UK and UofL in 2013-14?

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